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Daily XRP News

Briefly discuss Ripple’s strategy for becoming the global standard bridge currency.

Song: Song: Roman Sky – Hold It [NCT Release] Video’s Link:

Daily XRP News
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  1. There was / is a huge sell wall on XRP at 37 to 39 cents today. Is there a way you can find out how big it is / has been ? I think it started big and was added to during the day. in $ and or quantity? I think that the Bitcoin whales are responsible, do you agree? The XRP volumes have averaged 2.5 billion today. I believe without these sell wales XRP would have hit 40+ cents.

  2. Let’s just hope that as the backbone of the IOV, their product sees an exponential growth in price that matches the rapid pace of adoption. Ripple Labs is under every stone you turn over, they’re moving behind the scenes…what we see is the tip of the iceberg. Mark my words guys…there are file cabinets full of NDA’s in a closet somewhere…purely because loose lips sink ships.

    We can’t possibly fathom what is coming, but it’s bigger than we could ever imagine. I guarantee it.

  3. So glad your back the other xrp tubers really getting into personality complex i.e. "i'm the best and your the best we know it all ect" Thank You for being real!!

  4. beta was better product, but the company was anti porn. the company developing vcr had no such qualms and went after that market segment. this turned out to be the loins share of the market during that time period.

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