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XRP Mass Adoption, SBI Holdings Expands Trading to ALL Asia, Huobi XRP Futures, JR Suica

Daily XRP News

Huobi Launching XRP Futures Contracts
On Wednesday (March 27), cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global announced that Huobi’s contract trading platform, Huobi Derivative Market (“Huobi DM”), would be launching XRP futures contracts on March 29th.

N2N to venture into digital asset exchange business

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Daily XRP News
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  1. This is POWERHOUSE news!!!!!!!! Thank you Crypto Eri for bringing such news to us. Because we do not know these organizations personally we would never have known how big the impacts will be once these businesses come into full swing. Awesome and positive news!!! Keep it coming. There are massive explosions in price for XRP simply because of the wide adoption/regulation/liquidity Best!!!

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  3. Hong Kong and Singapore have similar cards like the Suica card since 20 plus years ago; although not tied to crypto when they first debuted.

  4. Curious who thinks regulations on the 29th for India will finally have the all clear, enough for a price rise effect from whatever gets the "go ahead"!?

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