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XRP Moneygram Growing its Network by leaps & bounds, Ripple FATF Compliant, Bitrue AMA

Daily XRP News

Ripple Deal Could Make XRP Cryptocurrency Compliant With FATF Anti-Money-Laundering Rules with Coinfirm.

XRP validators are crucial to the mission of XRP as they participate in the consensus process and improve the decentralization of the network.

Bitrue :

For Bitrue AMA, please go to Twitter: @BitrueOfficial

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Regarding the article, since the email bounced; we are seeing the same “fake news” stuff that was present at the US election. Both in the comments sections, and news sites… Have been going on for a while… And people actually falls for it, never trust news without doing fundamental analysis on case and sources.

  2. Nothing will influance the 0.32 to 0.40c coin called xrp. I was a holder but after years I decided I am done 5 years and still no great movement. And like always stories upon stories in the xrp community. Thank you for the information but again nothing will change that coins price. Buy btr from bitrue exchange I made 5 times my xrp value in a week.

  3. Awesome video Eri. You’re the best. So what is your goto karaoke song? I love to sing but am not really good at it…

  4. Yay! Eri-san and Bitrue finally in one video 😁 Thank you for my cryptosphere fix, and arigato for the fluff. I have no idea karaoke was that popular. I thought it was just a bar with a karaoke machine. Keep going please! Ja ne.

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