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XRP/MXN Liquidity Index Breaks ATH! 10% Of All USD/MXN Transfers Powered By X-R-P, Not Bitcoin

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It has been a while, but now XRP is back at it again breaking Liquidity Index all time highs. Keep in mind that news just came out recently that 10% of all USD/MXN transfers are powered by XRP. (Source)


If we analyze previous liquidity index performance we can see that when XRP breaks liquidity index all time highs it tends to go on a streak of breaking ATH every single day. So its not exactly a bull run for price action, but more of a liquidity bull run. Which lets us know that ODL is continuing to make progress.

Honorable mention, the XRP/AUD liquidity index is very close to breaking ATH so make sure to keep an eye on it today.