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XRP Now Has 10% of USD/MXN Remittance Volume. $3,000,000,000 Per Year.

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In the latest episode of Ripple’s Block Stars David Schwartz talks to the CEO and co-founder of Bitso, which is an ODL enabled exchange that has the most liquidity for XRP/MXN.

In this interview he states that through ODL, they are processing close to 10% of all the U.S. to Mexico remittances, which is approximately $3 Billion per year.

“In our case, we’re assisting in the conversion of US Dollars to Mexico Pesos where the digital asset XRP is a bridge currency. We’re processing close to 10% of the remittances from the US to Mexico through ODL.”

XRP will gain more of the USD/MXN volume overtime and will eventually be the most common way of sending remittances into Mexico. It’s a natural evolution, in a world filled with instant gratification, people will always choose seconds over days.