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XRP ODL Partner MoneyGram & Uber, but did you know E9Pay or SBI & ACLEDA Bank? Ripplenet in Motion

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  1. A new crypto bull run could be on its way as a result of government economic measures and mainstream interest, After two years of uncertainty since 2017’s mega bull run, the signs are looking promising for a big crypto rally, there will be a major crypto bull cycle is inevitable despite in the several months of coronavirus prevention measures, including business closures and stay-at-home orders, have wounded the global economy, High unemployment numbers means less spending as people look to meet their budgetary needs. Extended periods of reduced revenue also foreshadow business closures. Meanwhile, mainstream financial markets have rallied amid trillion-dollar U.S. government efforts. Several other nations have pushed similar plans forward. there will be a lot of cryptocurrencies to benefit from, the goal of making good earns from cryptocurrency was always my plan after several misfortune I succeeded in achieving (105,000usd) investing more on Ether, Bitcoin and some XRP with the guide of one (Mr. Garrick Hileman) who led me to the right part on how to take chances of the Cryptosphere today it was an honor and a great opportunity. for many investors out there that are not opportune enough to benefit with the cryptography, I believe this should be a great chance to take advantage of (Mr. Garrick) and save more this period, he can be reached on telgram (Garrick01) for more enhancement on how to benefit with cryptos.

  2. Can only agree with him: XRP tunnelvision. Bullish on XRP but the fanbois are talking plain garbage indeed. They just use fancy words with fancy graphs while having no clue about any of the topics involved like tech, financials, law, business, regulations, banks, … (talking about you here Brad Kymes and of course others as well). Of course nobody does know all these fields. Luckily Ripple is championing XRP with a top notch team which doesn't need this community. That's why I believe in it.

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