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XRP Payments Soon On Netflix? , Ripple Criticism And Crypto Bear Market Ending

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. it has always been a lie since the day it was born, because the banking system only came into play when nelson lost the battle of waterloo, banks where born out of this whereby the crown has bankrupt the uk by putting all their eggs into nelson winning, the jewish merchants at the time, had banked on nelson losing, which he did, so crown had to borrow from the merchants and a banking system was born, hence the name merchant bankers.

  2. They say we are early in the game I think we are late, too many money hungry institutions are in the drivers seat manipulating this market. The lucky ones and insiders invested in XRP when the price was 0,006, same with Bitcoin.

  3. XRP is like a disease with no cure…………….its penetrating everything and infecting everything. Mass adoption is happening!!!!!

  4. Hey DAI,
    Way to stay on the money! The big wigs are still hoarding all the XRP they can get their hands on. Xrpillionaires it's important to Hodl. Only what you can spare from your budget. In this case a little bit can be a lot. The top is getting ready to blow off of this boiling pot. DAI thanks again for the history lesson.

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