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XRP PayPal Theory & SEC Guidance From FINCEN On Ripple

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. 5 XRP-FXRP arbitrage
    The convertibility of 1 FXRP for 1 XRP is the basis of the FXRP system and is further enforced by arbitrage criteria.
    Indeed, if the price steps out of line whilst there is sufficient collateral in the system, then it may be profitable to exploit
    the arbitrage criteria, which in aggregate will bring the price back into line.
    Let XRP_price be the price of buying or selling XRP in some base currency, such as USD, and let FXRP_price be the
    price of FXRP in the same base currency. Profitable arbitrage occurs in two ways. First, when it is possible to create an
    amount of x FXRP, and sell it for more than the creation cost. Second, when it is possible to directly buy FXRP and
    redeem it for a greater XRP value than the purchase price and the fees.
    This creates arbitrage bounds for the FXRP price relative to the XRP price beyond which it will be profitable to create
    or redeem FXRP, thus modifying supply and bringing the FXRP price back within any arbitrage bounds. This ensures
    that FXRP value will remain tightly coupled to the XRP price. This can be considered the theoretical fair value of the
    FXRP price relative to the XRP price (assuming the FXRP system is adequately collateralized).
    5.1 Selling FXRP
    In order to sell an amount of x FXRP, a quantity of x XRP must first be purchased, at a cost of x  XRP_price. Next,
    FXRP can be created at a cost of x  (Creation_Fee_Rate + 0:001)XRP_price in USD, comprising of the creation
    fee and the collateral reservation fee. Finally, the created FXRP can be directly sold to an exchange at a cost of
    x  FXRP_selling_cost  XRP_price in USD, where FXRP_selling_cost is a percentage rate charged by exchanges for
    selling FXRP into the chosen base currency.
    Thus, the total cost of creating an amount of x FXRP and selling it is
    x  XRP_price + x  (Creation_Fee_Rate + 0:001)XRP_price + x  FXRP_selling_cost  XRP_price; (9)
    The amount obtained in selling it is xFXRP_price. Thus, it is profitable to create FXRP and sell it when
    FXRP_price > (1 + Creation_Fee_Rate + 0:001 + FXRP_selling_cost)XRP_price: (10)
    As a consequence, the supply of FXRP will increase, and should thus lead to a lower price of FXRP.
    5.2 Buying FXRP
    Alternatively, at times,it may be profitable instead to directly buy FXRP from an exchange and then redeem it. An
    amount of say y FXRP is directly purchased from an exchange, at a USD cost of yFXRP_priceFXRP_buying_cost,
    where FXRP_buying_cost is a percentage rate charged by exchanges for buying FXRP into the chosen base currency.
    The cost of redeeming it and obtaining XRP (or, in the event of agent redemption default, an equivalent value in Spark)
    is y  Redemption_Fee_Rate  FXRP_price. Thus, the total cost is
    y  FXRP_price  FXRP_buying_cost + y  Redemption_Fee_Rate  FXRP_price (11)
    The amount obtained in selling it is y XRP_price. Thus, it is profitable to directly purchase FXRP and redeem it when
    XRP_price > (1 + Redemption_Fee_Rate + FXRP_buying_cost)FXRP_price: (12)
    As a consequence, the supply of FXRP will decrease, and should lead to an increase in the price of FXRP.

  3. Hello I've been trying to get an answer about I trust capital I did call them and they told me that I have to sell all of my crypto in order to put it in their account to avoid taxes is there another way to put your digital assets without liquidating them to save on taxes?

  4. Like my Man says nothing is a coincidence and the World 🌎 is a stage…. January 19th was the day SEC caused damage. 1/19 is 911 backwards….

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