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XRP , PetroDollar And ONE Word Ripple Didn’t Use In It’s Article

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  1. Amazing video, if usa is going down Israel is going also, or they did sold America soul to the Chinese? If is that Israel is a traitor

  2. $$. He used photography because it's the best representation of what's going to happen with money! many photographers Even professional photographers commonly use their iPhone or Google phone because the camera quality is so high They don't need anything more it's all digital now! In that literally happened overnight and everybody's got that technology with them all the time! When was last time you bought a camera

  3. The current use of Petro & USD is going Bye-Bye. The Gold Standard will return and the Federal Reserve is going away. We will not nee the FED after the Transition. What you are witnessing now with Oil going – Negative and barely making it past $10.00 is to kill the FED. Just watch what President Trump does to the FED. Just watch. All that Fraudulent Fictional Fiat Debt is going to be put 6 Feet Under REST IN PEACE. The Debt Based & Interest Based system is gone after the transition.
    The Federal Reserve and ALL Central Banks Worldwide are being FORCED into submission. Even the Rothschilds of the world are being FORCED into submission. They have NO choice in the matter. The days of BANKSTERS getting rich just sitting on thier lazy asses all day IS OVER. All Banks & Credit Unions Worldwide have committed Criminal Felony FRAUD. They have all committed FRAUD (Note: De-fraud means NO fraud) against We the People. Usury aka Interest is Fraud. Fees are Fraud. Everything they've done is Fraud. That is soon to be exposed to the LIGHT of Day.
    Both President Trump and US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin are now in control. POTUS Trump is now the New FED Chair by proxy.
    He controls everything. WATCH THE WATERS 5:5 [TRUST] THE PLAN. 55 Waters Street Washington, D.C. The Depository Trust Clearing Corporation is an arm of the FED
    WATERS = How commerce is SHIPPED
    CURRENT = Currency – Flow of Money
    BANKS of Rivers hold WATER – Banks hold the Flow of Money
    Watch the Waters.

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