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XRP Potential Triangle Breakout To $0.40. Bitcoin Headed For $16.5k

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The cryptocurrency market started seeing astounding growth in 2017 and since then, the number of cryptocurrencies has risen dramatically. After the 60% decline in 2014, Bitcoin reached its peak at the end of 2016 matching the one reached in 2013. Four years later in 2020, two years after a 75% decline in 2018, if Bitcoin is following a similar trajectory as 2016, it will reach its peak by the end of 2020. Moreover, Bloomberg brought in the factor of gold and Bitcoin. Bitcoin will experience a similar increase due to the same underlying factors. This has made it tremendously difficult to keep up with new crypto projects and thus, it has impacted the ability of investors to decide which of these tokens are worthy to invest in. On the other hand, investor sentiment in the crypto space is still maintaining momentum, regardless of the enormous challenges that 2020 has brought. So for now you can only make a profit by trading. For me i advise you multiply the little you have with Louis Mattson’s strategy, I was able to make 7btc with 1.2btc in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telgrm Lmattson42 .We'll definitely see another huge Bull Run again in the near future, it's just so hard to know exactly when it will happen.

  2. "Investing in XRP was a good idea. My investment will pay off eventually," Alex Cobb continued to remind himself. It was yet another week of XRP not going to the moon. "It has to happen soon, XRP couldn't possibly be a scam," he thought. "Look at the partnerships! Adoption is coming." But still, he questioned that last statement. Adoption was right around the corner, every week, for the past 2 years. It must be close. So why was his finger hovering over the sell button? XRP sat stagnant at a price of $0.31, the same price that it had been 2 years ago. "Brad is going to flip the switch," he said for the 400th time this month. He could cut his losses, right here and now. No longer would he continue to watch the price of XRP slowly decline, while the more successful coins posted double digit percentage gains in a single day. Maybe Vincent Wilson had it wrong? All he had to do was left click the sell button. "A-amazon also dumped one time…" but this time it just wasn't enough to convince him. David Schwartz would continue to 'de-risk' his billions of XRP. Jed McCaleb would be absolutely certain to make sure the price of XRP never increases. When Brad Garlinghouse needs a new lambo, the XRP escrow account is always there to satisfy his needs. Realizing that $589 was no longer a possibility, he did the unthinkable. "I guess I won't be seeing you in Lichtenstein," he softly spoke, as he market sold his lifetime stack of 1322.56 XRP. A single tear rolled down his left cheek, but it was not a tear conceived in grief. It came because he was finally free.

  3. Charts, lines and graphs are useless, it's adoption and the news of.
    What to count on for XRP when BTC hits $16.5k, an XRP value of 0.4384.
    Pegged to BTC, XRP will be .44 cents. Adoption of XRP and the news of can/will effect price.

    VALUE OF XRP vs BTC "measuring total supply"
    100,000,000,000 xrp total supply

    Divided by

    21,000,000 btc total supply

    = 4,761 xrp to 1 btc

    Use current btc market price and divide 1 btc by 4,761 xrp.

    EXAMPLE: 1 btc @ $11,300 divided by 4,761 xrp, suggests an equal value of $2.37 per xrp.


    Use current xrp market price and divide 1 xrp by 1 suggested equal value xrp.

    EXAMPLE: 1 xrp @ 0.30 divided by $2.37 = 0.1265 or 12.65%

    VALUE OF XRP vs BTC " measuring circulating coins"

    44,862,646,997 xrp circulating supply

    Divided by
    18,451,425 btc circulating supply

    = 2,431 xrp to 1 btc

    Use current btc market price and divide 1 btc by 2,431 xrp.

    EXAMPLE: 1 btc @ $11,300 divided by 2,431 xrp suggests an equal value of $4.64 per xrp.


    Use current xrp market price and divide 1 xrp by 1 suggested equal value xrp.
    EXAMPLE: 1 xrp @ 0.30 divided by $4.64 = 0.0646 or 6.46%

    FYI don't forget to use current CIRCULATION numbers as these change!

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