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XRP PRICE🚨Tough Comments + Flare, Brad Garlinghouse, Hugo Philion, SBI, Stable Coins Taken by Eri

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Actions always speak louder than words…All I keep hearing from Flare/hugo is what they are going to do. I will believe them when/if they ever do launch, but for now it's pure speculation. Hopium is one hell of a drug. As for Ripple/Xrp they are what they advertise:)

  2. I made a comment the other day I was hoping you could tell me if its bologna or a valid concern? "CTO LARSSON made a similar complaint of XRP a few months ago? Did you ever see it? It made me sick to my stomach but I just hoped he was mistaken. But would like to hear your thoughts Eri since you bring this up with XLM "

  3. Hwy Eri, looks like you have your own personal stalker ( Tz) LOL. Your channel still one of the best for sensible logical and up to date crypto news & information 🙂

  4. Thanks Eri…..HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY…, I’m a retired marine engineer and spent a lot of time on those car carriers from the US to Europe and back….there’s a lot of jobs created just in the logistics of shipping 5000 cars ……we carried more than that at times….good stuff… my friend… PS: Welcome back Mickey B….I muss the OAKMAN…:-))

  5. You are missing a crucial point about what drives price. Michael saylor and Raoul Pal made a great analysis about this based on statistics and found a direct correlation of price to the amount of users.
    So what is another aspect is if the technology is interesting and the utility is useable, safe and stable that will make people and users come. Hence price will rise

  6. Reasons why people won’t invest right now: crypto crashing, Record inflation, Bear market fears, Rising interest rates, Housing bubble talk,but maybe, these are reasons to invest now.

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