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XRP Price +40% , Ripple Responds On SEC , Flare Is Ethereum 3.0

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Ripple (The company) should act robustly, rather than rolling over and surrender to the EXTORTION of the SEC, which is out to collect penalties, in disregard for its mission intended by the US Congress.

    Ripple (The company) should apply to dismiss the SEC Lawsuit as being vexatious made in BAD FAITH and/or ABUSE OF POWER and without a merit. Additionally, XRP being well established as a virtual currency (NOT a security), as literally designated as such by the DOJ.

    Additionally or alternatively, the case should be dismissed because the SEC has NEITHER STANDING, NOR INTEREST in the ICO made by the Ripple Company, which is essentially a ‘MINTING’ process, NOT a sale of security.

    The Ripple Company should also take the lead in a class action lawsuit against the SEC for damages done to the XRP holders due to the price crash!

    The Ripple Company should investigate how, legally, to join the Writ of Manadamus (SEC Writ_01.01.21.pdf) filed by John Deaton (@JohnEDeaton)

    Additionally, Ripple should join Coinbase as a co-defendant in the recently filed class action law suit accusing Coinbase of illegal trading in XRP, an unlisted 'security'!

    REASONING: XRP is certainly NOT a security.

    Irrefutable Fact is, that when I purchase an XRP, then I am exchanging an x amount of, say, US Dollars for a certain amount of XRPs, knowing very well, with certitude, that I have no SHARE in the asset of the seller, nor in the original 'minting' entity (The Ripple Company in this case). Certain also is, that holding an XRP does NOT make me a Debtor, or creating any debt obligation or liability against the seller, nor against the original 'minting' entity (The Ripple Company in this case), whatsoever. Ripple (The Company) is essentially a "MINT" issuing digital coins, very much like The Royal Mint, here in the UK, issuing physical gold and silver coins.

    Concerning decentralization, I do not believe, that it has any relevance to the nature of XRP as a currency. A "Mint" may be central, even owned by the state in monopoly, but the coins issued are still a commodity/currency/asset, but certainly not a security.

    In Summary:

    (1)- Owning an XRP does NOT create any share or interest in the assets of Ripple (the Company) or any other entity.

    (2)- Certain also is, that holding an XRP does NOT make you a Debtor of Ripple (the Company) or any other entity.

    (3)- Ripple (The Company) is essentially a "MINT" issuing 'digital' coins.

    (4)- XRP exist independent from Ripple

    What is XRP then?! A currency?!. May be a digital 'commodity'?!. May be an "Intellectual Property"?!, but certainly NOT a SECURITY! Certainly, it has resemblance, even remotely, to shares or bonds. Whatever XRP may be, it is certain, that the SEC DID ALREADY classified it to the same class like Bitcoin and Ethereum, otherwise how could the SEC allow itself to run Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP Nodes. The SEC MUST be challenged, robustly, to come forward with comprehensive justification for running such nodes!

    This does NOT negate the possible existence of certain irregularities, misleading informations, even outright fraud, in the 'issuing process', committed by Ripple (The Company), which may be challenged by ANY INTERESTED party in a court of Law. However, the SEC is not an Interested Party. It does NOT have any STANDING in this case, because XRP, as digital currency/commodity, does NOT belong under the Jurisdiction of the SEC, nor did the SEC had any significant part in the issuing process.

    Thus, the filing of the SEC is without any legal merits. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to attribute such extreme incompetence and ignorance of the Law to the SEC. This makes it quite difficult NOT to suspect BAD FAITH and/or ABUSE OF POWER. I do not want to indulge in any of the rampant conspiracy theories going around, but if there is plenty of smoke, there must be some kind of fire!

  3. Ty for this review, it’s nice!

    Please make a video of Mettalex. They had no a coin sale, but they are starting a long term high yield triple APY farming campaign using USDT. That sounds really capable and I want to hear your opinion about $MTLX coin.

  4. Exciting video, bro

    Have you reviewed Stakenet? It’s a project for decentralized applications and has its own Layer2 cross-chain DEX. They are partners with DuckDAO and have epic collabs with 9 more platforms(Litecoin among them). Worth investing?

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