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XRP Price Headed MUCH Higher. The HOW and WHY of @Galgitron ‘s Explanation

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Sorry I don’t get it. So after 2-3 years the price of XRP will be without fluctuations? Let’s say 30$ per XRP every day. So there will be no fear of losing money. Bank will buy 1 million of XRP (30$ per XRP) – send this XRP to other bank, this other bank will sell it for exact 30$ per XRP ?

  2. Sorry I don't agree with you, the speed of uptake depends on regulation. and look at the pace of partners signing up to use xrp. once 20% of banks are on board, market competition will speed the uptake to critical mass. it is quite possible this could all happen this year along with fi's buying up xrp for the gains. this market is far larger than your' s and Galgatrons simplified explication of market forces allows for

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