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XRP Prime For a Breakout. Repeating 2017 Pattern. Big xRapid Rollout Plan

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hey Cobb, please understand the breakout will still depend on BTC movement. Symetrical triangle doesn't make any sense unless BTC make first move.

  2. You guys are still confused between price action with the coin and the private company's advancements. STOP doing this to yourselves. The biggest difference between 2017 and today is that back then, WE ALL THOUGHT it was all the same thing.

  3. Dude, you have NO Clue about the future of XRP. And you have LESS clue about TA – which doesn’t work in crypto.

    You guys sound like real idiots when you go down this path. Alex, stick to news and commentary. Leave TA for those other idiots who don’t know what the f’k they’re talking about.

  4. Yes price is sure to rise with use case in time but never forget gambler's fallacy, so if it doesnt hit no worries it is fun trying to compare riddles, past charts ect. Alex dont worry about those armchair people either, my guess is harbinger event of Memorial day i.e. death of old money and birth of digital money.

  5. Unfortunately I disagree. Schwartz/Ripple has not taken this escrow issue serious enough in explaining ripples actions. When Investors see that ripple have been a bit shady on their agreement in xrp release. Investors see that this is a big inflationary issue and that there is not enough liquidity to suck it all up.whether us investors like it or not the coins report was accurate and not FUD. Bottom line is their no.s did not tie up. Investors are already very twitchy in this new asset class. Also retail investors are getting wise to continous announcements of xrapid use but its always sometime in the future. Investment banks and FIs in general have huge research depts with analysts working full time. They have mapped out their plans for 10 years plus. Until a big co. Or FI actually starts utilising xrapid and xrp, this price will pump and dump. The biggest catalyst we could wish for or pray for is SEC to give ripple/xrp the go-ahead. This will give clarity to the banks already setup to go with ripples xrapid. Also one thing that you youtubers keep skiping over is the last mile. Ripple is currently trying to resolve this issue. The last mile where the Xrp is converted back into fiat and then deposited in the required ac this is quite a difficult problem that they are working on. This crypto market does not play by the TA rules/tools provided for the traditional market products. In time new tools and means of gauging this market will be developed so becareful in what you analyse in this market using tools not designed for this asset class and also its still in its infancy. This is a long term investment. The big players are not ready yet but it will come hodl☺

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