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XRP Remittances Mexico & Philippines up 80% OLM, SBI Invests UK Bank, Ripple Tweets

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. IMO, the repo money should be paid back at a hyper premium from the criminal banks nostro/vostro accounts in the form of XRP. The gains from XRP's utility could be used to pay off the huge spending spree debt our great politicians (Our supposed representatives) and banks have stolen from us from their past mistakes and greed. When the smoke clears they should elect a committee to investigate each and every one of these representatives financial dealings and put them in prison like they do to us normal people when we steal a loaf of bread or whatever. Hopefully, someone can create a voting blockchain such that all us registered (On the Blockchain) voters can submit bills and vote on all bills without requiring our untrusted and greedy government representatives third party BS. In lieu of representatives we vote for and hire genius personnel in several disciplined groups to field voter requests and bills and prepare and launch for adoption by voters— Not by government ponzi artists.

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