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XRP/Ripple: As Price Decreases, Potential Increases

Daily XRP News

There are two primary perspectives as the crypto market drops. One perspective Involves looking at the current prices and one perspective involves looking at the future prices. Rich people throughout history have made a fortune by having the eyes to see the future price instead of the current price.

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Any views in this video are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research and seek financial advice from a professional before making any financial investment.

Daily XRP News


  1. Somewhere in the middle under a decentralized Interledger using XRP as the core exchange asset, the world will begin to experience something I will call Value-Fragmentism. This is the fragmentation or decentralization of value around the world. Emerging nations which have been on the wrong end of Neo-Colonialism will now begin to experience Value-Fragmentism as the USD and Bretton Woods are reversed. Mojaloop and other XRP inspired projects will further enhance and speed up the process of Value-Fragmentism.

    The hoarding of value in centralized economic and governance structures stands against the ideals of the Protestant Reformers and those who dreamed America into existence. Neo-Colonialism and the continued centralization of wealth are not what Hegel or Rand would have wanted. Hegel’s Philosophy of Right and Rand’s Objectivism, or the virtue of selfishness, are not exclusive to those holding power in the Western world. It applies to those in the emerging nations and markets with equal passion and application.

    Ripple’s Interledger and the evolution of the XRP ecosystem which they are promoting, along with Mojaloop and the micropayments industry being built by Coil, are all encouraging the world to move towards this Value-Fragmentism or de-centralization of wealth.

    Two seemingly opposing ideologies, Capitalism and Communism, have both leveraged the centralization of wealth towards their own ends. Value-Fragmentism and the decentralization being engineering into the framework of the world’s systems of economics, finance and commerce will force both to evolve or be destroyed. Each promotes selfishness for different reasons but towards the same end. It is my position that both will merge and evolve into something new.

    Objectivism, or selfishness as a virtue, could be more fully realized as a positive principle with each human being serving as their own centralized node operating in a massive decentralized system which promotes Value-Fragmentism through the application of Hegel’s principles of Right. The rights of the individual, the morals of the individual, and the ethics of the individual can be maintained under each of our own centralized nodes but held accountable across a decentralized system. It would be a stretch to consider each a Marxist node of the individual, as Marxism is about the centralization of all power within the state, but consider the same principles applied to each individual as a functioning state within a de-centralized system built on free markets and trust.

    Somewhere in that middle, we will find the new ideology of tomorrow. How it looks will largely be dependent upon us and the decisions we make moving forward. It is highly probable that all people would like to see others do well and achieve their dreams. This will be the theme of Globalization 2.0. There will be new challenges, but the centralized natures of Capitalism and Communism which handicapped the first attempt at globalization, from Colonialism to Neo-Colonialism, will no longer be relevant in the XRP de-centralized world.

  2. I hope to see and laugh at these haters in a few years from now " When you drop a pebble in a pond , soon that ripples fill the whole pond" The Bruce Lee Story

  3. You can always make fiat when you use your brain, the world is full of opportunities. I started collecting art antiques and collectibles since I was twelve. I started with 0.10$ at age 12, now at age 46 I have a 450m² filled to the brims, 13 oldtimer cars, 200 antique bycicles… I want to sell it all and start all over with 1€. If I can make it, you can make it!!!
    P.s. DM, thanks for the uploads you seem a genuine good guy!
    Some advice: do'nt forget to take a nap once in a while because you look a little tired.

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