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XRP/RIPPLE: BARRIERS and How To Get YouTube to Block Monetization

Daily XRP News

I’m excited to chat with some friendly folks worldwide. If you’re not friendly folk, please GO ELSEWHERE! haha

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Daily XRP News


  1. DM Love your vdo's and comments. I have some questions regarding XRP & Ripple that I hope you will be able to answer if you are not too busy. Maybe you could do a vdo for your followers or just reply to me if its easier. Basically I would like to know what will happen after mass adoption of XRapid/XRP etc. Currently there is 100 billion XRP tokens of which 30 billion approx are in circulation with the rest in Eschew accounts. Once the adoption by banks and FI's take place assumption will be that most of the remaining tokens will be bought by the Banks, etc. If that is the case, how will that effect the price of individual tokens-would it peak and remain constant forever ? What would a peak look like ? Do we hold or will it plummet afterwards. How do we notice the signals to sell etc. I have 72k XRP and at 63 years old am hoping it could help me to retire but really do not want to miss out on the rise and fall signals. When banks buy the remaining tokens at an agreed price what makes the remaining tokens more valuable ?

  2. DM another great video, always watching from afar. Your introduction about looks and how we are our own worst critic about the way others we believe people perceive us. I generally believe this part of our lives ease as we get older by simply building a family, this overall changes our identity to becoming a loyal husband and number 1 father, which i am of course, lol. When we were younger of course with the help of Sigmund Freud identifying the crisis point its all about comparison from what you are to who you are inspired by on and off the playground, glad to say of course, like yourself as we mature its all about our children, and so these days I get more of a positive reaction when I can take the piss out of my looks and its surprising how free one can feel.
    Keep up the great work DM, with or without the comments of XRP still here just to hear (you're the man).

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