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# XRP Ripple Continues Global Takeover. Trump Free Trade Agreement with IceLand. IceLand Runs Ripple

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. whats this aboit ripple and odl?xrp isnt even listed on ripple site anymore along with the other two.are we going to be screwed? what is it with ripple and iceland and on demand liquidity?

  2. I feel the price of XRP is being suppressed. I don't think the institutions/banks want to see XRP move up before they're all ready and accumulated all the XRP they want, I’ve brought my last batch of XRP. All this being said, XRP is the coin of the future and would gain as much prominence and value as when bitcoin started over a decade ago. The time is right to accumulate by buying a really big bag of not less than 170,000 XRP and holding it or buying a lesser amount and trading to grow it which is what I did but with help using Rupica puri trading strategies. I bought just 40,000 XRP and with his accurate trade signals and other adjoined assistance, I grew my portfolio to over 200% in less than 3 weeks with his patterns. Rupica can be reached by Email (trade.rupicapuri@ gmail com) Telegram – Rupicapurii and other top traders should emulate in assisting others in the cryptocurrency space.

  3. And guess what ? NONE OF THIS NEWS MEANS A GOD DAMN THING CAUSE THE PRICE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE !!!!! All this GOOD NEWS FOR WHAT !!!! for nothing where the FUCK IS THE PRICE MOVEMENT!!!!???????!!! These banks aren’t doing a god damn thing with XRP !!!! Ripple is selling all these fucking coins to all these institutions! And they are NOT USING IT . stop TESTING AND START USING !!!!!! WE NEED PRICE MOVEMENT ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  4. The CRC rated XRP a 4 out of 5 rating as it relates to being a security?? These guys are on CRACK!! Of course Bitcoin has a 1 rating. The good thing about this isn't that it is a rating of the Crypto itself, but only as it relates to it's potential as a ratings as a security. Will the SEC just make a DAMN decision already and put this crap to rest for gods sake. Everyone knows it is not a security!!!!

  5. XRP is american invention ( stolen idea ) it explains all the bullshit, i finally get it. No XRP is not going to make you rich , you need to be rich when invested in XRP to get rich , dosen’t that make more sense

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