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XRP Ripple gets 33 Banks & 4 Co investmentS, JP Morgan Liink Coin Live, Crypto DBS Rocks the World

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I had a nice bag of Xrp.
    I have done my own extensive research, over the past three years, and unfortunately got drawn into the hype around the coin.
    It doesn’t matter what news comes out, what the fundamentals are! Ripple have taken the project as far as they can. Just look at how animated Brad Carlinghouse is in interviews these days compared to his totally relaxed self in the past. He’s frustrated. Without REAL utility, big institutional investment, and/or regulatory clarity it’s more unlikely to happen, for many very strong reasons, that have been aired by people, which I have chosen to ignore over the years. Hopium or not! I feel for the Xrp holders who are expecting Xrp to make a significant change to their lives.

  2. Oh yeah supply supply supply supply why would any bank hold xrp when they only need 20 for 1 account. I owned 2 BTC worth of xrp and noe I have .6 BTC a stark reality of Larson, Mcaleb, MGI and Ripple and other remiiters dump as much as possible as fast as they receive xrp…. Sad no one is using or accepting xrp as money. Xrp is only the wire that $$$$ flow through. XRP itself appears useless as a store of value or actual payment… oh well another failed project.

  3. Hi Eri, REALLY appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping us abreast of what's happening, specifically in Japan…and your translations are just "WoW… Have a fab day 😉

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