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XRP/Ripple: Is VISA competing with XRapid!?

Daily XRP News

Lots of people are talking about the visa announcement. It seems they’re getting into the cross-border remittance business. People have assumed this means they’re competing with ripple. Anyway, maybe. But I give my take on what I think is really happening, all in glorious 240p.

Daily XRP News


  1. Thanks from Belgium for sharing all of your knowledge with us!! I bought thousands of Ripple over the last months and will hold. Looking forward to next information of you. Keep Well.

  2. WAIT! i saw a video of Madonna promoting Ripple, but not XRP?!! so the real value is in the Ripple platform but not in XRP coin?! i am now confused and wonder if i should invest in XRP the coin?!!

  3. Take a100 billion tokens,in the scheme of things that number is not that high number
    Imagine 99 institutions worldwide holding a billion tokens each bearing in mind these institutions could buy a billion out of their coffee funds
    Can you imagine what the value would be worth
    That doesn’t even include you or I holding xrp

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