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XRP/Ripple: Lawsuits and Liquidity

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And I had two thoughts that were It’ll revelations. I’m curious what you all think of them. Let me know in the comments below.

Daily XRP News


  1. Hi DM. I unsuscribed from KF Nerd. I didn't appreciate what he said about you and his attitude towards the people who supported him that had unsubscribed. He does not appreciate the support he gets. You a humble hard working man. I understand what you were trying to say. Keep up the good work. South Africa supports you.

  2. Hey DM would really love your thought on this.. On twitter I saw this tweet @bgiradji who says the below. He implies that the manipulation from tether and stolen BTC got XRP to ath and we really got much lower and that these are real realistic prices. What do you think would love your input

    Prepare your brain for these prices and patience.

    EOY 2018… $40c (+- a dime)
    EOY 2019… $90c (legit ATH)
    EOY 2020… $2
    EOY 2021… $5
    EOY 2022…$8 and stabilizes becoming a true global currency.

    BTC EOY 2022 $589 ⚡️


  3. Hey guys, Can anyone explain How XRP/USD is different than XRP/BTC, apart from the obvious that one is traded against US Dollar and other against Bitcoin.

    And finally, if Bitcoin crashed in the coming years how do I cash my XRP/BTC?

  4. DM, I love your video's.
    You talked about Ripple running 48% of the validator nodes. This number only holds true for the trusted validators. Ripple only runs about 8% of all validator nodes. Although it is just one word, it makes a huge difference 🙂

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