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Daily XRP News

PolySign, Institutional-grade custody for digital assets is coming soon!

Ripple Chris Larsen gives XRP to his University SFSU

Key Word: Futokorogatana (Japanese dagger)

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Daily XRP News
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  1. When the going gets though, the Dutch get going! You are always very welcome to visit the Netherlands Eri. Did you know we have a very big XRP meetup on the 20th (between 60-160 people will to attend!). Also next weekend the biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon in the world 1500 (!) attendees will come to Groningen. Check out the trailer:

  2. the story of what started the fire, was Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow. The wedding hats, is to hide ugly female nature, so the groom will not see and run away. These years, men in ever growing numbers have wised up, want no part of that abuse.

  3. Eri have u heard anything in the last several months about SBI and their FX business as it relates to XRP? Was a big deal to the community in July 2018. Havent heard much about it sense? Curious.

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