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#XRP Ripple Meet The 25 Banks Working With Ripple & R3. AML/ KYC GAME CHANGER

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. You all are being lied to. Just because an official US document is talking about “cross-border payments” and “digital trade,” that does not mean it is in direct reference to XRP.

    In finance, do you know what “XRP” stands for? It signifies the word “Ripple.”

    On the Swiss Exchange, there is a ticker— ARXRP.SW. It simply measures the “ripples” between the Swiss Franc and the USD. Check the price. I’m sure you’ll be shocked.

    So, what does ARXRP stand for?

    A = Average
    R= Rate
    XRP= Ripple

    ARXRP ticker translates to Average Rate Ripple.

    There you go. So now you know that XRP literally means Ripple in finance.

    Wake up, people. You all are being handed a pile of shit.

  2. MoneyGram International Inc. MGI has announced the expansion of its loyalty program, MoneyGram Plus Rewards, to customers in France, Italy, Germany and Spain through its expanding digital platform – Guess what Crypto behind the Digital part of this statement…

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