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XRP/Ripple: Retire Early? So That’s What You Want?

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A whole a lot of people are looking to retire early, even when they barely worked. That’s fine, but if you’re looking for crypto as your answer to this, you better have moderation in mind. In today’s video, I talk about the moderate outlook I have for crypto and some ideas for ensuring that your profits go far.

Daily XRP News


  1. I did think about a 100k car but then i thought WHY. I don't want anyone to know im rich. It will be worse when everyone wants handouts.

  2. A nice Toyota SUV for my wife and kids is the goal for us and staying away from toxic work environments that are present here in IL. Yes, i want a Ferrari too but the cost of maintenance is friggin crazy unless XRP hits $100 and i have lots of disposable income to spend on the $5K oil changes twice a year. Don't set your goals so low my friend, you will be able to buy 20 Priuses when the moon shot happens-A nice loaded Camry would be more comfortable for the family with leather seats/lots of leg room. They get about 35 miles to the gallon and look pretty darn nice for the MOST RELIABLE 'boring' car on the road. Heck, the new ones look very close to a Lexus without the price tag. I know, i have one Camry and it has only seen 4 oil changes in 4 years with a new set of tires…that's it!

  3. Im sorry my man, but for XRP to hit $125, its market cap would have to be 4.9 TRILLION dollars. Thats fucking ridiculous dude. That would put the total market cap of crypto at 82 TRILLION dollars. But yeah, keep holding for that number lmao

  4. A good way to determine what amount of money would change your life is to think about incomes in your area. Maybe 60k a year is a lot or 150k. Multiply that by ten, call it the lottery multiplier. Then imagine you made that money for the next 10 years, a conservative number so multiply by 10 again. That's the amount of money that could change your life. I love my imagination and numbers too.

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