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XRP/Ripple: Ripple Is Everywhere and Epic Freak-Out Rant on Barriers

Daily XRP News

Today, a different kind of video. First, I do my best to give you confidence that Ripple is taking over the world and that XRP will surely succeed. Then, I freak out when talking about barriers that hold people back.

Daily XRP News


  1. I originally bought XRP how you explained it but you could save time and some heavy fees and trade faster if you bought LTC, transferred to Binance, convert LTC to BTC (Very cheap to exchange on Binanace and instant) then use the BTC to buy the XRP. It comes out a lot cheaper and faster.

  2. GREAT video. I've overcome many, many barriers in life. they started for me at a very young age. I run into them still today, but I will always have the will to overcome.

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