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XRP/Ripple: Ripple is Fantastic, XRP Sucks! Possible?

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A common argument I hear is that ripple the company is fantastic but the banks, financial institutions in payments remittance companies are never going to use XRP. What is wrong with this line of logic? In today’s video, we discuss, all in cinematic 240p!!

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Any views in this video are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research and seek financial advice from a professional before making any financial investment.

Daily XRP News


  1. Here's the thing… Countless examples of extreme success in one endeavor and absolute failure in another from the same person already exist. The most powerful, influential, and successful business people in the world have their fair share of failures. None of Ripple NEEDS XRP to be successful. Having XRP as the driving force behind Ripple will knock it out of the park, but in no way does Ripple's protocol require XRP to function. So yes, it is very, VERY possible for the Ripple protocol to succeed and XRP to never take hold.

    Please point me in the direction to any fact-based evidence where the above is not true. Please show me how or why Ripple's protocol must use XRP. Please show me a successful entrepreneur (in the same league as Garlinghouse) who has never had a failure in the business world.

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