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XRP: Ripple, Swift, R3 Objectivity

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. We need to keep in mind the most important thing going on, currently is that that the necessary networks and railways are being built for XRP to fulfill its ultimate vision of providing global liquidity for settlements. Mass adoption of XRP can’t occur prior to this.
    Then next, we need more definitive regulations and finally increase XRP liquidity.
    Ripple, SBI, and R3 aggressively building these networks, railways, settlement mechanisms(XRapid, Corda Settler, MoneyTap, SBI VC) and software solutions(XCurrent, ILP, xVia) to place XRP in a position to gain mass adoption when the time comes.
    XRP’s value will increase exponentially as adoption progresses over next 5yrs. One thing that is for sure, once adoption begins, XRP’s value will not plateau like other digital assets. More Utility and new use cases will be available as liquidity and adoption takes place, globally.
    XRP’s full value potential is 10yrs out but that’s great news not bad news. Value will increase along the way. No other digital asset is targeting the size market that XRP is

  2. I’m just going to keep buying xrp for the next 2 years and once I hit 100k xrp I’ll stop and just wait for the price to hit like 50 bucks in the future, also I’ll hold one bitcoin and never sell unless it breaks 1 mil.

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