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XRP & Ripplenet compared to BTC Lightning Network Strike App, SEC Gensler Rumor, Where is SONGBIRD

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. …the SGB airdrop was not handled as well as it could have. I got the IOU showing up of FLR on Celsius the day the airdrop happened, and it's still there. Could have done the SAME thing with SGB. At this point, constant updates would bode well. I have to purchase on Bitrue now in order to stake. It's not totally bad, but free tokens would make the early staking better for me. Only concession is I will get SGB dropped into my Celsius wallet, and at least they will have some immediate value to be added to my portfolio.

  2. Got my Songbird today thru self custody ledger. I knew from the beginning i couldnt count on exchanges. Sure it was a harder techy process but now im reaping the rewards because i took my financial future by the balls.

  3. The better lessen to self custody, it's just start a massive movement bashing exchanges for theft.

    Yes we should self custody and be more independent, but we should also violently attack the exchanges through social media..

    We should be campaigning against theft from companies which we are supposed to be able and Trust.

  4. Regarding your statements on lightning network and susceptibility to fraud.. hearing your claims (and claims of the developers and other people) it makes me conclude that there are two things in which we can call Anthony and the other guy.

    1 Liars
    2 Idiots (the scientific term nit the insult)

    Why aren't more people 'attacking' them for knowingly lying, or for being idiots.

    My comment here is not intended on being rude it is a real question

  5. Every single transaction has its own gas fees. It doesn't matter is BTC , ETH, XRP or any others.
    There is no way you can transfer value by using BTC with no fees.

    BTC network DOES NOT WORK payment. There are many others which are definitely much faster,cheaper and greener . XRPL is one of the most robust which started with payments and will go far beyond 👍

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