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XRP & Smart Contracts Through Flare Network.. Ripple CEO DESTROYS FUD Article

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. A class-action lawsuit was filed against Ripple in May 2018 "alleging that it led a scheme to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through unregistered sales of its XRP tokens. [creating] billions of coins 'out of thin air' and then profited by selling them to the public in 'what is essentially a never-ending initial coin offering'.

  2. Brad g. said he predicted banks would hold digital assets in 2018 within a year. 2019 it didnt happen. He said he got in trouble from the department for making "claims".(he was right 2020)

    Anyways, the reason i bring that up is because the same department that told brad not to be making "claims"……is the Same department that released an article called

    "2020 the year of the Digital Asset: XRP"

    i think Ripple will hold there claim! who are they to tell brad not to make claims and than THEY MAKE A CLAIM! THIS IS THE YEAR! 3.5 MONTHS LEFT!

    2020 had a unusual beginning and 2020 will have a unusual ending. XRP


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  4. Yo Bull , I’m all in on XRP cuz of your research, thanks for the hard work. We need some info on flare network, I hold all my crypto on my ledger nano s, could u do a more in-depth vid on how flare networks will benefit xrp holders???

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