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XRP Smoke and Mirrors – October Crash Under a December Moon?

Daily XRP News

Ripple Riddler tells us what to expect of the markets as we close out 2018. Will you tag along with the bankers for a free ride to the moon?

If you understand this, then you understand the gift you have been given. Pay it forward. Start today. ~Sam

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Daily XRP News


  1. Novemeber 20th …is a date to keep in mind. However November 20th date might have been bumped back earlier….to November 16th. Friday. Keep that in mind.

  2. I watched this again today, This made so much sense Sam, i honestly don;t know what is happening in the market and what went wrong. why the RR info did not come true as we expected so far? maybe the next few days will tell. but it seems hopeless now 🙁

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