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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Well… Eri, this interview of Flare projects is a good idea.

    I am eight (8) minutes in and Mateo, it is clear does not know how to communicate. Darn.

    So far he has said:
    – while not useful/requires to run a Ripple validator, he/they are excited to do so, because they think they can build out the decentralization of the existing 9,500+ Ripple validators. Makes sense!?

    – Flare Networks is not ready with software or documentation to explain how to install software that they do not have.

    – Mateo is working on an algorithm, which HD says is complete (which I don’t believe) to generate/predict the price… of something. Hmmm…

    My feeling is that these guys don’t really know how to communicate and thus one must wonder…. what they are really building and second, is there real utility.

    The issue is not English as a second language but rather know what to communicate.

    At this point, I am wondering whether it is worthwhile to listen to the rest of the interview to see if the other guys can rescue the session.

    It would useful to approach these, I am hoping there will be future Flare Project Presentations. You could organize Flare Projects in a separate folder including Episode #.

    .listeners would like to know:

    1: what exactly does the project do?

    2: why is it of significance?

    3: who would use and benefit?

    4: where is the project in development?

    5: what challenges are they experiencing?

    6: what is the network architecture?

    7: what is the opportunity for XRP/Spark holders?

    8: what are the risks?

    9: who are their partners?

    10: how will they introduce/launch the product.

    Force these guys to respond to a fixed set of questions. You could then, overtime document/report to the community what you have learned. This report could be given to your supporters and also as a consulting tool for you to do other related work in contracts.

    My point is:
    – control the session
    – force them to answer questions that advances follow-on work that could benefit you.
    – this should be more than an unstructured news blurb… for Flare projects.

    Alas, Flare Networks is not communicating effectively.

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