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XRP still ahead of ETH, Claim your FREE Crypto, LTC XRP on Bitkub, Home Miner backed by Coinbase

Daily XRP News

XRP still ahead of Ethereum [ETH] as market recovers. In addition, Stellar is giving away XLM, claim yours now!

Coinbase-backed Startup Launches $799 Home Crypto Miner.

XRP and LTC to be listed on Bitkub in Thailand

Daily XRP News


  1. Mrs crypto Eri……. I really want to purchase Elixxir. Where can I purchase the coin ?

    Thank you for your time and your incredible hard work !!!!♡♡♡

  2. Great content as always Eri San!
    I just commented on one of DM Logics videos regarding how I'd like to see some information regarding how the XRP token gradually burns over time, eg the logistics behind each transaction potentially burning a decimal point out of existence and if there was a way of doing a 20 year forecast to see how many might remain in existence. It would be an interesting topic for alot of people. Who can't get their head around the maths. What do you think? It might just encourage some people to consider HODLing a percentage of their holdings much longer if they were aware of this.
    Arigatogosaimasu 👍

  3. Do not buy the Coinmine One. It is a piece of crap and it will make you loose your money! From the first second you turn it on you are mining at a loss!!! It contains a AMD570 card that can make you around 0.40 USD Cents per day. Take away the cost of electricity, miningpool-fees and then the 5% of the produced crypto that MiningOne takes for themselves…it´s robbery!!
    As a miner since many years back i warn you all. Don't buy it!!!
    Building a separate computer doing the same shit, AND that you can actually use as a computer, will set you back around 400-500 USD depending on where you live in the world..
    800 buck´s for this piece of crap…no no no….

    I am so sad to hear that Michael Arrington is invested in this money-grab.. =(

  4. Eri:
    Talk to someone who actually used one recently before buying any miners.
    I don't think that that Coinbase miner will be profitable. It will more likely be a waste of money and electricity.
    I'm an experienced miner.
    Email me,

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