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Daily XRP News

A new Market Sentiment Tool: SHUFFLUP specifically for the Cryptocurrency Market ~ a 24 hour trend of the 100 highest coins on Coin Market Cap.

Increase your capital with our fully automated, stand-alone cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platform.

XRP and Stellar “Proving their Worth”- says Weiss Crypto Ratings

Daily XRP News


  1. Think about it. If WU were to tell the truth about the HUGE savings being achieved, they may be criticized for not reducing fees in respect these savings. Hell no, why declare savings when you can convert savings in to huge bonuses?

  2. Thanks for the quality educational info you provide on XRP. Question: If the SEC classifies XRP as a security what is the worst case scenario for XRP ? Is it lose everything ? What about XRP internationally, SBI Japan, etc? If we all have a clear understanding of what could happen, if XRP is declared a security. Each person could make his own decisions & not be swayed by FUDsters.

  3. XRP is going to come down by itself. Never mind Craig Wright , he's just another clown. More than 60% of XRP is owned by its creators. This is totally unacceptable and frankly , we couldn't care less about banks saving money with XRP. What kind of value is that ? People are buying XRP because of the cheap price. It's just an illusion of having a lot of coins for a small amount of money.

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