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XRP Taps $5.3 Trillion Forex Market, NEW Euro Exim Ripplenet Video, HSBC ADA & TRX Update

Daily XRP News

Euro Exim Bank has joined Ripple, connecting banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide clients one frictionless experience to send money
globally. Visit:

New Video:

HSBC ran $250B in transactions through its blockchain platform in 2018

TRX is added to Coingate:
Accept Altcoin Payments

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Daily XRP News


  1. Euro Exim was incorporated in 2011, it has one company director, no other board members, no accounts filed for last year but their nett worth at 31st March 2017 was £196k, if as a company we were going to give them credit we would not allow them anymore than £21k as that is the recommended limit. Read what you want from this information, to me it’s not something that is going to set the world alight.

  2. Euro Exim Bank is not allowed to do business in the UK. Their licence was revoke. They have a total asset of less than $500,000. I don't think we should make it a big deal !!!

  3. @CrpyptoEri sounded very happy today! Great point about forex market. People are overlooking the amount of volume this market could drive for XRP!

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