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#XRP The Fed And The Treasury Have Now Merged. TRUMP BUFFET BofA

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  1. 50% in escrow.. 98% of remaining 50% that is in circulation are already owned by banks and exchanges.. therefore there are only 2 billion xrp available to the 8.5 Billion people it will expand to. .23 xrp available per person.. and thats if it was evenly distributed and we didnt have any yet.. so the number is much less. Good thing there are 1,000,000 drops in a single xrp… paid per second or per day.. you would still have to earn your .2 xrp.. and you would have to pay bills and eat and everything else in the meantime. Therefore a single xrp would have to be extremely high. Like higher than the current amount of existing fiat can push it to. Mind blown.
    Did you know if i buy 1 xrp at 1 dollar right now for that moment every xrp would be worth 1 dollar.. i would have added 100,000,000,000 dollars to the marketcap with just 1 dollar. This is the internet of value.. not the internet of money.. if you had all the money in the world you could not buy every car.. because there are more value in cars combined than available money jn the world. And that goes for every single item. Boom!

  2. Yeah so why hasn’t the price moved, if Bank of America is saying they are on board with XRP and it has passed the test for regulation, service and operability then what’s the hold up. I don’t expect a 9000 percent increase but c’mon man

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