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XRP: There ARE Dormant Funds In Banking

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Something is off with this lady and I can't quite put my finger on it. I've seen her go out of her way to throw shade on XRP in the past.

    Whatever the case, articles like these are no surprise. In fact they're expected. Disruptive and transformative technologies bring out people and organizations that are heavily invested in maintaining the status quo. This in of itself doesn't guarantee the success of a technology, but I do believe it's an item on the checklist when evaluating potential.

  2. Thanks Oz- great work! Can you address some of my comments below in your next stream if possible.

    This article, like others which have circulated against Ripple recently only makes me believe in my investment into XRP more…goodness me. It's almost as though traditional financial bodies are colluding to thwart such a disruptive technology….for obvious reasons.
    As I have always believed from the outset, being an American company, it may be in Ripple's interest to just give away some of their XRP holdings to the Federal Reserve, even though much of the business model may see growth from markets overseas. The mantra of the US, as the world's only super-power has always been to maintain control, be it for geo-political or financial reasons and that I'm afraid may not change anytime soon.

    In doing so, they will see greater gains on their remaining holdings in order to further develop the eco-system and the US (with the powers that be) will share part of the 'revolutionary-pie'. In fact I have a strong hunch that this is all being worked out now in tandem with the IMF/World bank as well.

    On a side note, it would be interesting to get some information showing the exact time it takes for an exchange to release funds, given what was incorrectly stated in the article. I imagine cryptocurrency exchanges have a special arrangement to settle in near real-time when the Xrapid system is implemented and have strict rules to abide by which are set by Ripple.

  3. This is classic FUD by the experts to keep people away from their investments. So funny. Thats why so many of these media outlets are referred as fake because they are.

  4. Settlement is fast/instantaneous, but you do have to wait a few days for this marvelous and instantaneous ability. Its awesome, but you just have to wait in line (bring 9 meals, three changes of clothes, and a sleeping bag). That's rich.

    And of course there's churning and ongoing debits/credits, and of course every transaction nets to zero (my debit is your credit). But to say each transaction nets to zero means these funds don't exist and that there's nothing set aside for that purpose is ludicrous.

    What bank did she work for? More like a toys store, Idiots R Us. Broad must've flunked out of clown school.

    P.S. Not a business major, but did take finance and accounting classes. That this qualifies as truth is an insult to business minors and "journalism."


    Great Video OZ, yes its unfortunate that we have to even speak on the failures of journalism but you dropped the facts and did a great job for your viewer, keep it up from down under!!

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