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#XRP This would propell $XRP’s price to unimaginable heights. XRP MGI Faze 1 Level Playing Field OPP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Moneygram (MGI) already had previous buyout offers (actually, a bidding war) including ANT Financial (Alibaba) and Euronet back in 2018. ANT outbid Euronet; however, deal was blocked by POTUS for national security concerns (China). With Ripple’s nice cash infusion, Visa debit card deposit service, and most recently 203 Moneygram locations throughout Egypt, a potential buyout could come. In fact, Moneygram CEO Alex Holmes stated in March 2019 that a “full-on sale is always in the cards.”

  2. DO NOT INVEST IN MGI!!!! I can tell you now. Although I am Happy that they are using XRP. If it is a shit company then it will never take off. I just tried to send money to Mexico (as i do business there), because i am heavily invested in XRP and want to see it's use. They cancelled my transaction for no reason and they also NUKED my profile!!!!!! I called asking for an explanation. Their explanation was "We don't have to tell you why we have cancelled the transaction or deleted your account". Then they proceeded to tell me that i can NEVER use Money Gram AGAIN…EVER!! Mind you I have sent money ALL over the WORLD through Western Union and i have over 820 CREDIT SCORE. MGI is SHIT!!! I sooo wish it was a good customer experience, because i want XRP to go to the MOON! If you think i'm bullshitting you check out MGI reviews! So although that have invested in a great utility token you need to look at the company overall and not just the utilities they choose!!

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