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XRP TipBot creator Wietse Wind BUSTS FUD — XRP & Ripple skeptic is TOTALLY converted!

Daily XRP News

Reposted from Tom Shaughnessy’s 51percent Crypto Research podcast: “Wietse Wind: An Unbiased Conversation On XRP The Cryptocurrency Beyond Ripple The Company”

Despite the title of the video, Tom Shaughnessy was a great interviewer and on behalf of the #XRPCommunity I’d like to thank him for giving our point of view a platform from perhaps the best possible advocate: Wietse Wind. Please leave comments on the original tweet and leave messages of appreciation for people who are willing to further the blockchain movement in an unbiased way.


Daily XRP News
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  1. Nice guest speaker, love the work your both providing to the community. I am subscribed to the XRP TipBot and have donated my first tip back to Mr. Wietse Wind for his work to promote XRP.

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