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XRP to $50 Overnight? A Logical Explanation!

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It’s been a fun ride, all. See you at some point.

Daily XRP News


  1. Please stop spreading this speculative horses**t. Many people will lose tons of money off of this. I don't want anyone to suffer! I've been in the markets for years and seen this story over and over again.

  2. Ripple is using XRP token sales to sustain and grow Ripple applications, marketing and implementation, keep funding Ripple with your dreams…

  3. Majority will loose money 2% will make money. The rest are fake people trying to sell you bitcoins. 20 years online and this is the best scam, wish i had thought of this. Crypt o based on nothing but fairy-dust. I am selling fairy dust 0.563898 bitcoins per gram. Any Takers…
    60% of youtube accounts on bitcoin are fake or made up beware.
    Silver is being bought by JPMorgan because no gold in American banks left.
    Oh surprised how many millennials who are so smart trust ripple Riddler even though his/her comments are turned off.

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