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XRP To Be “Valued” To Reliquify The World? , Ripple And G30

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Twitter name: ccryptosecure . I did a talk at the Irish xrp meetup on trading and individual security for your digital funds. No point accumulating digital assets for them to be stolen from you because of lack of technical knowledge. Having your digital assets on a ledger wont stop hackers from stealing them . You need to go on a network at some point to transfer them. My expertise is in telecoms + digital security industry where I was an research and development engineer for 18 years + I have 24 years partime trading in stocks and forex + 2 year full time trading in cryoto using Technical Analysis to give me better odds against the brokers and institutions. Anyway can you unblock me on twitter. Cheers. I made a mistake last year and you blocked me. Your a influencer and your customers may be interested in finding out how to protect themselves better using the techniques I have came up with and use myself from my 18 years experience in protecting our customers info and data over ip networks. I apply the same techniques and security strategies for individuals. 99٪ of you have what I call basic security. Ledger, anti- virus , wireless security. I have as much as possible a full prove system designed that even non technical people can follow via procedures I have wrote and clear videos to follow coming. It's a must have if you have accumulated digital assets over the previous years.

  2. I’m ready for the moonshot already! I’m ready to tell my boss to shove it:0
    I’m not asking much just 100-500$ each………
    500$ I can easily retire. 100$ I’ll still be going in just not on the cold days or the hot days or weekends……;)

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