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XRP United Launch Video, The First Full XRP Based Exchange now LIVE

Daily XRP News

With Any New Exchange Please Do your Own Research. Im am Not affiliated with this exchange in any way.

The Creator of the Exchange is on XRPCHAT



Daily XRP News
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  1. Very good video! Keep on making worthy content and you'll get bigger very quickly! Subscribe to our channel and also we should subscribe to you!

  2. think everyone is missing the point, XRP united inst just another coin……….but ill be the whistle blower coin… COINBASE is killing people on fees, more than any bank. The point of crypto is take back our money that we all work so hard for and do what we want with, with out being taxed or killed in fees and we want it now! XRP united will bring us all together because we dont have to pay high fees for bitcoin to change it into a more need able coin. We are getting rapped on fees….XRP united will bring us all together to global level and no one will have to pay any fees!!!!!!!

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