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XRP Up 9%.Visa and MasterCard Bidding War Continues. David Schwartz Statement

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Alex, you have to stop talking about XRP and Eth like they are in a market cap race based on CoinWatch stats. It isn't even close. Just annoying.

    Otherwise, I like your channel and enthusiasm.


  2. David says lots of people buying but not USING. When something has a use and nobody uses it, it becomes a museum piece and becomes a valuable antique down the road (like btc in a few years), or ends up in the waste Bin. USE creates the liquidity and increases the value. But I am guilty and HODL my XRP.

  3. looks like btc could be over 4k by sunday
    holding Crypro stocks to take advantage of the surge if it does

  4. Hi, what do you think about privacy coins like Monero, DeepOnion etc? Think it seems to be perspective for invest. Wanna know your opinion.

  5. I just love how blunt you get in this video in particular by calling a spade a spade and it also takes a lot of maturity to give so much credence to Kirby and the few others who where able to read deep into the chart and give accurate analysis which is still persistent today in the markets. So many where misled and invested poorly by following analysis of those that obviously just made guesses. One particular person i cherish his analysis and guidance is Ryley Wilson. He was able to give very direct and almost precise prediction at every point of bitcoins journey last year as well as signals and strategies which helped alot including myself to be very profitable in the bearish market. In terms of profit, i am talking over $28,000 in less than 2 weeks. His contact by mail is RyleyyWilson@gmailcom or WhatsApp him +1-518-351-9039 and i am able to share this because i have seen how much he would go in explaining concepts, reasons and steps to someone like me who was below intermediate in trading skills. I also wish more traders and people with the means would educate the teaming population on trading rather than just asking them to buy and hold with the hope of bitcoin mooning someday which my never happen. In my experience and short time as a trader, i have made much more profit than what most holders have made in years

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