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You Won't Believe…. Ripple, XRP, XLM, & IBM

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. How's the xlm not open source or the like? How does IBM control the XLM blockchain? Not an xlm fan (actually more xrp fan) but I don't see how that differentiates between xrp and xlm. Is there only one UNL for XLM ledger to work? I admit I know too little about the stellar blockchain.

  2. Don't get me wrong I believe XRP will be the standard but at the moment this notion that XRP would survive if Ripple went away is an argument that does not stand to reason, It would be the equivalent of saying "If Apple went broke the I-phone would survive". I mean there is a logical reason why Ripple are investing in other projects that would drive XRP usage other than for cross border payments (very smart idea) but until then the long term success of XRP is directly tied to the success of Ripples strategy for institutional mass adoption. If Ripple would shut down tomorrow I know I wouldn't be the only one hitting the Sell button.

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